Wander the streets of Manhattan and you will no doubt come across many unique and stunning sights. For the time being however, one in particular is planets ahead of the rest. On display at 159 Ludlow Street, blu Marble is a monumental, 20-foot, LED structure depicting a live stream of the Earth from space. Visible by day and night, it invites the public to consider their home in a unique form and scale.

A view of blu Marble as seen in New York City. Image by Sykes/AP

With a name that draws inspiration from the famous Blue Marble photograph taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft in 1972, the artwork celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and aims to spark positive environmental change. To obtain the footage, artist Sebastian Errazuriz’s team created a bot that takes live photographs from a NASA satellite and merges them into software that generates a slow progression between still images to compose a live video of Earth as seen from space. Typically used to study daily variations of things such as vegetation, ozone, aerosols and clouds, the new-generation satellites allow the live stream of our ever-changing Earth. The audience passing by the installation at night sees a partially-dark Earth with clusters of light, while they can see meteorological conditions during the day.

A passer-by admires the piece. Image by Charles Roussel

Opened in March and running until 13 April, the installation allows passers-by to stop and appreciate the raw beauty of their home from a completely different angle. “Blu Marble was inspired by the overview effect that astronauts use to describe the macro perspective of looking down at our planet from above. Visitors will see the first ever real time video projection of earth, streamed directly from a NASA satellite in space,” Sebastian told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Running until 13 April, the installation has proven popular. Image by Charles Roussel

“The reaction has been incredible. People stand in front of the piece night and day staring up at earth and looking at themselves. Many return at different times of the day to see how the line of the sun moves across the face of our planet as it passes from dusk till dawn,” he said.

More information on Blu Marble is available at Sebastian Errazuriz’s official website.

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