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Serbooking.com New Zeland

New Zealand is introducing new entry requirements – will they affect you?

Planning to visit New Zealand this year? You may want to check whether you’re among the travellers who will have to apply online to visit the country. Man photographing sunset at Milford Sound, Fiordland National...

Travel and Explore Different Cultures

International travel has turned out to be significantly more reasonable and helpful as of late. Overlooking for a minute the ecological expense of air travel, this is extraordinary news for anybody aching...
WALLYARD CONCEPT HOSTEL -Berlin-Traveler Story by Serbooking

Traveler Storyline: Wallyard Concept Hostel change our logo…

Berlin in late November as of now gives you a thought of the virus winter the German capital is confronting. It is a crisp Saturday evening when we touch base back to...
Toyota V8 Hotel-Strange hotels worldwide

10 Strange Hotels You Won’t Believe That Exist

You Won’t Believe That is Real I love staying in unique hotels around the world. In recent years, it’s been interesting to watch the trend move away from monochrome chains and more towards...
UK Fancy Holiday

Pool paradise: 6 UK hotels with pool

  Swimming paradise Fancy a dip? One of the biggest draws to staying in a hotel can be a great pool. Whether you like to swim some lengths and work off the local cuisine...
the best of Dubai-serbooking

Where to Stay in Dubai: Best Neighborhoods & Hotels for Sightseeing

Welcome to Dubai World Dubai is a city of luxury, beachfront indulgence and cultural immersion. A city of many faces, Dubai caters to all travelers with its wealth of once-in-a-lifetime attractions, from the towering...
work and travel

How to travel the world and get companies to pay for it.

By Casey Neistat Sponsorship's are like unicorns or leprechauns, talked about often but they don’t actually exist. There is only dollars and cents, the bottom line and ROI...
Blog Serbooking - Island Hotels

Best Iceland Hotels to See the Northern Lights

Iceland is packed with stunning natural wonders, boasting dramatic landscapes of majestic waterfalls, steamy hot springs and icy glaciers. However, none of these compares to the otherworldly beauty of the Northern Lights, best...

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