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Comprehensive travel guides to destinations all around the world to help you travel on a budget, and find great things to do and see. Our featured destinations for every kind of traveler. Discover the best hotels, restaurants, and unforgettable things to do, curated by the travel experts at SerBooking blog.


The 12 Things Traveling Teaches You

By Chad Grills “We are driven into wild rage by our luxurious lives, so that whatever does not answer our whims, arouses our anger.” –Seneca
The beast beaches in UK

Summer 2019 – Serbooking advice: Top beaches in the UK

Get ready for summer 2019. You don’t have to travel to the tropics to find that sand and sea paradise. In fact, you might be surprised at some of the beautiful beaches which...

Recreate great hotel sleep by buying everything in the room

There was a time when the only items you could take home from your hotel stay were branded slippers and bathrobes, miniature toiletries and maybe something from the minibar. Items that were quickly forgotten...
serbooking - japan wintersports

Serbooking Chellenge: Happo-one vs Niseko

Happo-one vs Niseko If you’re a powder hound with a bit of wanderlust, Japan deserves a spot on your bucket list. It’s got some of the deepest and best quality snow anywhere in...
Travel Experience

Best Resources to Inspire Your Wander-lust

Do you dream of reaching the farthest corners of the globe? You’re not alone. Most of us love the thrill and limitless discoveries of travel, and with the easy access of travel...
Travel Tips and Guide

Clever Tips For Bagging A Hotel Bargain

Have you ever told the hotel reception clerk that it’s your honeymoon in the hope of an upgrade? Did you wait until the very last minute to score a discounted rate? Or...
Solotraveler serbooking

10 Hotels That Are Perfect for Solo Travelers

More travellers than ever before are travelling the world alone, and the savviest of hoteliers are responding to this by offering solo guests a wide range of perks, writes Tamara Hinson. The following 10 hotels...
Hotels near Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle-Germany calling us

Germany calling... Along with Burg Eltz, Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the fairy-tale castles in Germany, located in the Bundesland of Bavaria in the town of Schwangau. It’s one of the...

Top Reasons to Go to Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe, both by tourists who travel for pleasure or for business travelers who travel for conferences, meetings or all kinds of exhibitions. Barcelona is a great...

Before Your trip, Do 6 Things When Meeting Someone Online.

You've met this incredible person on the web and feel like it's an ideal opportunity to meet. It's energizing and elating yet back off! It's an ideal opportunity to continue with alert. Meeting...

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