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If you’ve been considering taking a dream trip to Paris, London or Rome, it might be time to take the leap and book, as flights to Europe have hit their lowest price in three years.

Getting to Greece might be cheaper this year. Image by Andrea De La Parra Valdes / EyeEm / Getty Images

That’s according to Hopper, an airfare prediction app, which analysed real-time flight data to find out when to get the best rates on a European vacation this summer. They found that round-trip flights to Europe this spring are the cheapest they’ve been in three years. The average price of round-trip airfare is $637, compared to $913 in 2017, and a 15% drop from this time last year.

The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy. Image by ©Justin Foulkes/Lonely Planet

But it’s best to act fast – tickets to the most popular European destination are about 20% cheaper in the spring than summer months this year, when the round-trip price will rise to $909. If you’re wondering where you should go on your European adventure, Hopper says the top five most popular European destinations for millennials are London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Amsterdam.

Nuns walking past urban facade in the La Latina neighbourhood. The graffiti translates to “As if there were no tomorrow”. Image by ©Adrienne Pitts/Lonely Planet

When it comes to getting to those top destinations, it might cost a bit more than the average price. A flight to London will cost about $960 on this spring, rising up to $1120 this summer. If you want to go to Paris, the average round-trip journey will cost about $850 this spring and jump up to $1020 in the summer.

Bicycles on a canal bridge in Amsterdam. Image by ©Sarah Coghill/Lonely Planet

Hopper notes that with Brexit on the horizon in the UK, the pound is already trading at about $1.30. The is expected to drop even further in value, making it a more affordable time to visit the UK, particularly for anyone who wants to shop while overseas.

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