With the summer season slowly rolling in, Prague is getting prepped for all fans of moving pictures; not just with regular summer cinemas but also with the new addition of a cinema on a boat!

Kinolod – Prague’s cinema on a boat. Photo by: Veronika Primm

Anchored in Prague 7 – Holešovice neighbourhood, Kinolod, the cinema on a boat, is surprisingly nice and cosy inside. Complete with a bar with seating made out of wooden palettes, it conveys a bit of a Berlin vibe.

Films are played usually twice a day during the workweek and three times a day on Saturday and ticket costs Kč130. The films on show are a mix of local and international ones. The Czech films often come with English subtitles, but, if you’re visiting, make sure to check ahead of time on the boat cinema’s website in the programme section.

Kinolod is not just about films, though. The screen can flip and attach to the ceiling, which reveals a small stage right behind.  and it’s planned to put on musical and other performances can take place there in the near future.

Prague’s cinema on a boat can double up as a music venue. Photo by

The capacity of the film hall is 80 seats. You don’t need to worry about weather conditions since the boat has a functioning air conditioning, which cools down in summer and provides warm air in winter.

The cinema on the boat – the brainchild of Jakub Kováč – was officially opened in February 2019. The plan is to use the riverside by the boat in the future too, with film projections on a canvas outside and comfortable lounge chairs to relax in.

By Veronika Primm

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