In Nashville, you can ride around town on a pedal tavern, a party barge or a party tractor. Now a new company is adding one more ‘transportainment’ option to the mix.

Explore Downtown Nashville with friends. Image by Music City Party Tub

Just in time for summer, the Music City Party Tub has started rolling down Broadway, Nashville’s main drag. The party tub is a hot tub enclosed in a covered trailer that’s pulled behind a pickup truck. Vinyl windows enclose the trailer, so the party tub can be used year-round, rain or shine. Other amenities include access to personalized music playlists, towels, robes and a fridge and coolers.

You can even have drinks in the hot tub. Image by Music City Party Tub

The trailer can accommodate up to 12 people on tours lasting one hour and 45 minutes, while the tub itself is limited to six or seven soakers. Pricing is between $400-$500 (€462-€578), depending on the time of year. For safety reasons, passengers can’t get in or out of the hot tub until the vehicle is at a complete stop, according to the website. A host or hostess is available to serve drinks, change the music and be a general safety monitor.

Broadway is where the parties are in Nashville. Image by © Nina Dietzel/Getty Images

Owner Guy Williams says the hot tub is kept sanitized using a variety of methods, from UV lights and automated chlorination. The tub can also be adjusted to a range of temperatures, from as hot as 100 degrees for winter hot tubbing to cooler, pool-like 83 degrees during summer.

A party bike in Downtown Nashville. Image by FangXiaNuo/Getty Images

Nashville has become a hotbed of transportainment thanks to relaxed city regulations and slow speed limits in tourist-heavy areas, such as Broadway, the Gulch and Music Row. Today, these rolling ragers, with bachelorette and bachelor parties hollering at each other across the street, are about as common as cowboy boots on Nashville’s honky tonk-lined streets.

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